COURSE: Become an entertaining course creator with your animated character

Learn to make your animated character for $99

This course is for Online Teachers who want make addictive courses.

What you will learn:

How to make a character that looks like you!
The character that will be attached to you from now on and will conquer the online world for you!

Use green screen behind your character, and let your character interfere with your lectures, have conversations with you and your students

How to teach with your  character
Teach with your character next to you, let your character teach for you on a bad hair day. Let your character express emotion to emphasize your teaching

Let your character be the connector
between your students and you, it will make you more approachable, it will show that you are human with failures too and that you use humour to teach

Why teaching with your character will make all the difference in the world

By using a character that looks like you, but is an animated exaggeration, you make room for connecting and vulnerability.
And with that, you create a wonderful environment for learning.
Students will be looking forward to the next trick your character is going to perform.
Use humour, use your personality, be enthusiastic, be a model for your students.  

what you will get inside the course

Chapter 1 Why your character?

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Find out why working with your character will change the way you present yourself

Chapter 2 Make your character

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Make your character in three different styles and understand how to make yours yours

Chapter 3 Make a lecture  intro

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Now animate your character, start from scratch or from a slide and make an intro

Chapter 4 Use as a teacher

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6 Different ways to use your charater as a teacher: green screen, interacting, joking, ...

Chater 5 Use  it , just do

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Use your character for banners, for email, for a promo for your course, for connecting 

Chapter 6 Live teaching!

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Enjoy the recordings of Live teaching, while Chris and Mars make their character

Learning in real life: more than 2 hours recorded learning with students

Follow along with the recorded sessions of students making their character.
These are the first experiences of students with the Character Creator in Vyond. The sessions are based on the students questions and needs for their courses. See me teach live and learn all sorts of tips and tricks!

How is this course delivered

    • Entertaining video lessons 
    • Funny animations to illustrate the lectures
    • Exciting challenges and Personal Coaching!

Personal, entertaining video

Enjoy the original way of teaching of this artist, animator and teacher in animation, and experience  what you are learning.

5 Challenges

You are going to DO something.
Challenges in order of difficulty to create your character, and use it as a teacher.

personal COACHING

Ask questions, share your character and animations for feedback and support.
3 support sessions of 30 minutes each.

Course Curriculum

Anneke Camstra

 I had been looking at different courses for quite a while when I found Anneke's 'Teach With Your Animated Character'. 
It ticked all my boxes. 
A fun course that would give added value to my own work, courses and presentations. 
It is easy to follow and Anneke is really quick to respond to questions when you need her. 
It's rather addictive, and I have made several animations that I am incredibly proud of. 
A definite thumbs up from me.

Mars Lord

“NO - not every pice of punctuation is perfectly placed. Anneke has produced this course in English so that she can help a greater number of people; and even while English is not her native language - it’s is easy to understand, informative, and VERY well organized.  
I LOVE Anneke’s character! and her course is full of practical information delivered authentically. It’s very valuable to ANYONE looking to enhance their skills.”

Heather Wurz
Sr Learning Designer. Dallas. Texas