ONE HOUR COACHING: Do you want a professional short animation with your character?

Use for your email, promotions,Social Media posts. Use it as your branding. We can make it on green screen.

What do you get?
One hour of my expertise and use of my professional program to make an animation
Don't worry, I will be there to make it professional looking!
You will have an animation that works like a charm.

One hour of your time, one hour of my focussed attention, let's make an animated character that can work for you! 
The character will look like you but a bit exaggerated, 
In a way that makes you smile. 
Your animated character can do naughty things and bend the laws of nature. 
Use it inside the animation software Vyond for your branding You will stand out, I promise!

Contact me for this unique experience of seeing yourself turn into a character

Anneke Camstra

Let's make your character together this week!

  • Make an animation together with me in one hour
  • $250 USD

    We work on Zoom, make a message with the character you choose, and make an animation of about 15 seconds,

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