Facebook Marketing with Animation

Get ready for Facebook, The Silent Revolution. How are you going to stop them scrolling?Humor, movement,colour, and a story!

Course Summary

Get ready for Facebook 2017: The Silent Revolution.
People are scrolling through their Facebook without sound.
How are you going to stop them in their tracks?
By using humour, colourful moving images, moving text and very important: Closed Captions!.
You can make people stay and watch because they can read what is happening in the video.
You know you need video because that is the future of Facebook.

  • But you do not want to talk with your face on the camera.
  • You still need video.
  • And fast to make.
  • And easy.
  • And professional looking.
Learn how to do that in this course.
Make real animations in a smart and fast way.
Step by step instructions.
  • Make an animated Profile Video
  • Make text on a moving background
  • Make real animations super fast in a smart software
  • Use App on your iPad or phone to make video square
  • 3 ways to add captions to your video, free and paid.
  • A new App from Apple to make live streaming with text, while you talk.
Don’t worry about making video content for Facebook anymore, it is easy!
Join the course today!

Course Curriculum

Anneke Camstra

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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